Mixx " Enoteca Luigi " Ristorante & Bar.  
Elegant, Casual Italian Wine Bar

Luigi Lezzi

Luigi Lezzi is the owner of
Mixx "Enoteca Luigi " Ristorante & Bar.
He has been a local restauratuer for many years and promises to continue
to serve food that is thoughtfully and creatively prepared, featuring fresh products from Sonoma County. In addition, he is looking forward to adding speciality dishes from his native Italy.

Mixx "Enoteca Luigi " 
promises to be that special place for
friends and family to enjoy
fresh flavors and warm ambience.

We Have Free Corkage on Tuesdays !
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Private dining available every day.


135 4th Street
Santa Rosa, Ca

Historic Railroad Square

Serving Lunch & Dinner
Monday thru Saturday  11:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays
Private dining for
meetings & special events
available every day, including Sundays.

(707) 573-1344
FAX: 573-0631

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Mixx is located in one of Santa Rosa’s historic buildings listed on the ‘National Register of Historic Places’. The magnificent hand carved bar was built in Italy in the late 1800's, shipped to New York around the Horn of South America to San Francisco & then to this building, arriving circa 1904. It was originally called "The Silver Dollar Saloon".

The name Enoteca comes from the ancient Greeks. They called Italy "Enotria", which means "the land of wine." An Enoteca is an establishment that cares for the wine and offers the wine to taste with good food.

Many of our dishes can be customized to meet your special needs. I greatly appreciate your patronage and hope you will allow me to do whatever is necessary to enhance your dining experience.
Luigi Lezzi






Wine List
(Changes frequently - see menu on premises)