Become an Editor

Gold rush scenario

It will be advantageous to you to join the project before others discover it as you will be able to choose, create and dominate topics. Later it will be more difficult for newcomers to think of a section which does not yet exist. While later users will be able to suplement existing categories by adding entries with missing information, those who already run these topics will have a definite early bird advantage.


Although at the present time work on Sterba is not rewarded monetarily, creating and developing a category will be rewarded in some fashion.

You can choose to display an advertisement for your own business or organization next to your entries. There will be no cost to you, other than the time you spent creating plus periodically checking and updating the information you entered on our system.

There will be revenue sharing from advertising income. Each entry has an ad space, which the editor can specifically set a price on. If the ad space is purchased (typically for a year or more), half of the proceeds are then shared with the editor.

In addition to any earned ad revenue, all editors will also be periodically issued reward cryptocurrency based on the number and level of detail of various entries in the directory. This cryptocurrency, while initially of no intrinsic value, should over time gain and then increase in value, as more and more people in the world use it as a form of currency.

Our reward cryptocurrency, called "Global", has a near-instant transaction time, no transaction fees. You can read more about it at


The Global reward crypto tokens are only issued when they are earned, they are not for sale.

At the present time the only way to obtain the Global crypto token is by either creating/maintaining info on Sterba or by paying someone working on the Sterba Network to sell their earned tokens, which are otherwise not for sale directly.

Do you want to get involved?

If you are interested in maintaining a topic or section on Sterba, please tells us a little about yourself and what you would like to do, via the Contact Us form...